Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lilya Brik and My Rasputitsa

Black and white are going to dominate my winter and helping this personal revolution is Lilya Brik. Lilya was a proponent of free love during the early stages of the revolution and a close friend to Stalin. She also took up a love affair with the famous Russian Avant-Garde photographer, Rodenko while still married.
Her dark looks and tendency to dress in dark colors fit not only the constructivist movement of the time, but also my renewed inclination in monochromatics.

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Christopher Gustave said...

Ah, I love Lilya too! Fact is, however, that she never had an affair with Alexander Rodchenko, but rather with poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, which lasted for years. In fact Mayakovsky lived with Lilya and her husband! Free love indeed!