Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shopping Spree

I went shopping around Washington DC yesterday and today looking for cheap but aesthetically pleasing furniture and accent pieces.  Found some decent stuff:

Coffee table and clock from Rough and Ready Furnishings (1908 14th St NW. (202)667-7833). I'd never heard of this store and it doesn't have a website, but my mom had gone by it and suggested it. It's part antique store part thrift shop, with shelves overflowing and tables piled on top of eachother, which made the dozen or so people inside seem like a crowd. Everything in the basement was 75% off for the month of January so I would suggest going soon if you are in DC and looking for furnishings. Everything I bought was less than $20 per piece, way better than what Salvation Army was trying to charge for furniture.
The gold bunny is from Salvation Army, $2.

An end table- actually it's a piano bench. Also from Rough and Ready.

Fancy chair, Salvation Army in Bladensburg, MD. Needs a bit of a clean and some care, we'll see how it goes. Might look good painted white. 

Desk and vintage suitcase for my room, the desk has names carved into it, and gum stuck under it (gross but authentic?). The suitcase is lined with a nice red velvet. Both from Rough and Ready. 
And lastly, some little things for organizing jewelry in on my ~vanity~, from the Wolf St. thrift store in Philly, I believe it's called America Thrift. Prices between $0.45- $2.99.

Also worth mentioning is the store Miss Pixie's Furnishings, (1626 14th St NW, Washington, DC). I didn't buy anything there, it's a little out of my price range, but they had a really great selection and it was reasonably priced, as furniture goes. I was really into this pair of fancy white end tables, but they were $195 each. 
So I'm obviously excited to decorate! All we need now is a sofa, some more chairs, a bunch of mirrors, and I guess I still need a bed. The search continues..

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