Sunday, May 3, 2009

design your own shoes!

I'm a pretty causal dresser. I've been trying to bring it up a notch, and i've been getting more into skirts and dresses, especially as it gets warmer. But I hate heels. No, that's not true. I think they are pretty, and I have several pairs, but I hate wearing them. I am impressed by girls who can spend a night in heels without complaining and walking around barefoot after the show. 

Anyways, I basically wear keds champions (or knockoffs) every day. I currently have them in black, white, red, and navy. I just discovered that you can custom design your keds online! You can pick your own palate, and even upload a picture, although I don't see how that could end well. The downside is that they are $60, and I prefer to buy my keds at thrift stores for $4 or knock offs at payless for $12.99.

But the keds I designed are so mf ing cute!

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abbey moonshine said...

one of my friends did the thing where you upload a picture... she made a pair of shoes that featured one of her paintings and they turned out really nice!