Saturday, May 16, 2009

i think it's getting big but i just discovered Awkward Family Photos.
this place is great! i know i've got a handful of family photos from my awkward stage. and in the most recent photo with like six generations at my grandparents house that they moved out of, my underwear is showing because i'm sitting in a short dress. but these other people make me look good.

edwardian verizon ad

80s stripe couple

magician family

go look at the rest of the freaks by yourself! (i like the dribbler.. but it's better in context with the caption)


Luna : said...

These are so funny, but unforunatly remind me of the majorty of family photos my mum insists on taking :-D

eloise said...

those photos are hilarious!
my friend and i had the idea to dress
up in '80s clothes and go take
really cheesy portraits like these.