Thursday, June 4, 2009

inspiration: filippa berg

swedish blogger and stylist (and model?) filippa berg has an inspiring blog which i can't read a word of. She is a muse for australian label Lover, principally for thier Sacred Hearts collection. She dresses real nice, has a leather flying cap, and likes Lauduree. Wish I could understand swedish a bit because I bet she's got some fun stuff written next to her great pictures.

Oh, I found an english interview from Papermag, she is awesome.
JF: What do you enjoy doing most in your spare time? 
FB: Flea markets, parties and decorating my new home

Me too!

here is her blog


StrikeMatch said...

Awesome post. I've seen her around but I never knew her name or that she had a blog! That aviators hat... too cool.

Shelby said...

WOW - she has awesome style. truly inspirational!

Katie said...

She's amazing! And also, if you want to read her posts, you can read the translated version via google...

Type in the URL - Search - Click the 'translate' link on the right of the result!

Hope that helps :)

lavelle said...

i love filippa's style!


Anonymous said...

thank God im swedish, I will def check out her blog :D